About us

«INTERRA» — Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Govermental Organization for Non-Formal Education and Intercultural Communication

We are a community of active people who are close to the idea of an open civil society and good-neighborly relations between the two countries.

We support the values of diversity, tolerance, solidarity and equality, human rights, civic engagement.

It is important for us to maintain between the different countries in a lively exchange of ideas, concepts, and best practices in the sphere of culture, education, youth work, environment, urban development, civil initiatives, social structure and so on. Also it is important that this exchange worked on the development of people and the territory in which we live.

We believe that enlightenment, culture and education are the key tools for the development of society and intercultural interaction which changes us, and broadens the horizons of perception and possibilities.

And also believe that in today’s world it is impossible to develop outside of the international context. So we work at the intersection of culture, education and international cooperation.

We have experience of conducting forums more than 10 years, and also seminars, workshops, club meetings and camps, also we organize group and individual international exchange projects, internships, educational and cultural projects for different target groups.


We have separate projects, and there are ongoing programs and directions. There are several examples:

Receiving and sending of volunteers on the program «European Voluntary Service» (EVS).

Individual mobility – there are advice on the selection of the programs of professional internships and volunteer projects around the world.

International volunteer camps — are short-term trips to European countries to participate in a socially significant project.

Russian-German art-marathon KRASDAM — together with our partner organization Kunstwerk (Potsdam, Germany) we are holding this youth exchange project for six years. Participants think about the problems of the city and try to solve them with the help of modern art. Organize exhibitions and performances, draw, dance, master … KRASDAM it is creativity and communication without borders.

The program for the development of sustainable urban transformation «Formula of the city» — this project is focused on urban activists and professionals. Participating teams are trained in the 4 project sessions led by international and Russian experts in urban planning, Economics, and social communication, and develop their own projects to improve the urban environment of Krasnoyarsk.

International youth program on climate change Critical Kitchenin 2016 starts the 3-year program about the environment and sustainable development in partnership with Germany and Tanzania. Critical Kitchen — this is a study about how the production and consumption of food affect the climate, a chance to reflect on the theme of sustainable development, equitable distribution of resources on the planet and overcoming global food crisis. This training on the development of critical thinking and intercultural communication. It is a test of your endurance and interaction in the group.

Russian-German adventure project «Wind and waves» — it is a group of young people from Russia and Germany will make the trip under sail in the Baltic sea on the route Kiel-Kaliningrad-Stockholm. The guys from Germany and Russia will learn to sail on the ship and to work in an international team, also will maintain on it order and get acquainted with the cities along the route.


Our team

The team of «Interra» is made up of 5 permanent employees. You can read about the members of our team here.

Our work is supported by foreign volunteers, who are trained in Interra for a period of 3-9 months. You can read about their stories and experiences on My Siberian Story.

«INTERRA» is 80 members and even more supporters and friends in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and around the world. For international news, check our Facebook.

The National Reserve Stolby close to Krasnoyarsk


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