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Волонтер из Франции в «Интерре»

ФлорианПредставляем вам нового участника нашей команды на три месяца.

привет! I am Florian, 25 years old coming from France. I am very glad to stay in Krasnoyarsk for three months, working for Interra. Even if it’s quite a short term I hope I would be able to discover Russian language and culture and why not extending my stay here if I don’t succeed in reaching my goals. I always wanted to get closer to Russia mostly because one of my бабушка came from Irkustk to France one century ago. So what a great opportunity to land in Krasnoyarsk which is almost in Irkustk’s neighborhood according to Russian standards ! One of my main goals will be to bridge the gap between French and Russian youths, to strengthen the dialogue between these not so much different societies by organizing, developing cultural and why not sportive events. After just one day in Russia, I am already filled with joy thanks to the great welcome of my host family and the one of all Russian and foreign Interra’s members. Looking forward to the next months and hoping to be able to write such presentation in Russian at the end of my stay !


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